Code name: Trav
Catch Phrase: “It’s all good.”


Born on “The Day of the Higher Cause”
Traits: Will give all for a great cause. Self-respect is of great importance, does not have time for meanness or pettiness. Will put in great time and effort to help reach the ideal of humanity.

Work History: 23+ years as an industry professional, including production, post-production, producing and management experience. I have a great understanding of the industry. I work with the MediaRight girls and help with whatever they need. I also specialize in installation and integration services—I can take your ideas from the nuts and bolts, through development, to the realization of a perfect end result. I have Avid ACSR and Cedia certifications, and I am an Apple Specialist.

Hobbies: Hangin’ with the homies—(and whatever hobbies go hand-in-hand with hangin’ with said homies).

Favorite music genre: Hair Metal—in fact, I was a roadie for Motley Crue in the 90’s.

Little-known fact: I wield a wicked needle and thread…yep! I sew.

Funny work story: I was on a shoot on Xian China, and I needed to get a shot of the Terra-cotta Soldiers. (Which cost me $800 usd for 3 minutes?) The worst part was that I had an armed guard standing behind me to make sure I didn’t go over 3 minutes. Talk about pressure to get a great shot!

“I love this industry. I am very “hands-on”…and I’m not afraid to get my hands dirty.”