Code name: Nik
Catch Phrase: “Pikachu”


Born on “The Day of Prudent Economy”
Traits: People born on this day are adept at handling money and investments; shrewd and reliable, and capable of insuring the smooth operation of a business. These people can be too careful; I guard against this by throwing extra candy in people’s boxes.

Work Experience: Friendly and effective- I am committed to the best in customer service, money handling, effective communication, teamwork, multi-tasking, inventory, training, problem solving, organization, and sales. I also put candy in all the boxes. ☺

Hobbies: Singing, Photography & Calligraphy; I like karaoke, I think everybody should use their voice! I’ve done live broadcast on YouTube…it’s cool to work at a place where I get to meet so many people who are actually in this industry.

Favorite music genre: Metalcore. What is Metalcore, you ask? C’mon! Skillet, Breaking Benjamin- those guys! We all know ‘em.

Little-known fact: I love cars. Especially souped- up sports cars. My fave would be an EVO Mitsubishi Lancer in black with hot pink accents. Colored rims…a spoiler….maybe pink decals. My Barbie Dream car!! Sigh…someday it will be mine. ☺

Funny work story: The MediaRight girls like to scare each other by hitting the walls in the men’s room and making each other scream. We work hard but we laugh a lot.

“Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it’s better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring.”