Co-Owner, Sales & Marketing

Code name: “BC”
Catch Phrase:I’m on it.”


Born on “The Day of Quicksilver”
Traits: Welcomes and exchange of ideas, revels in truth and tends to be altruistic, with a dislike of injustice.

Work History: Video industry professional since 1987; including blank recordable media, replication, and equipment sales. Former National Sales Manager for national A/V distributor, Co-Owner of MediaRight®. Past Treasurer of the Utah Chapter of the International Television Association (ITVA), Co-Founder Steve Holt Memorial Golf Tournament to benefit Utah kidney patients; winner Bonneville International Corporation Meritorious Sales Award.

Hobbies: Gourmet cookery, reading, and hanging at the pool with Smoothe. Watching sports (and cheering for our peeps) and rooting for the Raiders, which is embarrassing as well as painful—but there’s no leaving the Raider Nation! I also like to haunt Sephora stores around the country in my quest for the perfect red lipstick.

Favorite music genre: Classic rock is my favorite for SURE, but I also love 80’s techno-rock and alternative. ..I like to pretend that I discovered REM.

Surprising little-known fact: I won my junior high school spelling bee in 9th grade. (I was not invited to the Math bee for many reasons). I never took type in school, but opted for Social Dance instead. This has proven to have been a not-so-good choice….although I can do the Bus Stop like nobody’s business.

I still have customers who think my name is Becky, Betty, or Bessie.

After all my years in this industry, I still get excited to come to work every day. I welcome every phone call or email from a customer, even if it’s a chance to overcome an objection—because I know people have choices, and I feel lucky every time they choose to call us. I LOVE team MediaRight, and the job we do.