Name: April Brown – Client Service Specialist


Code name: Ape, Apple

Code Phrase: “Perfect!”


Born on: “The Day of Steadfastness”

Traits: People born on this day are among the most determined; they will not give up once they have embarked on a project or a course of action. Good negotiators, structured, and dependable, when a person born on this days stands for something, what they stand for will not be easily forsaken.

Experience: Office coordinator (I like color-coding, no surprise there!), a Senior Copy Editor (requires great attention to detail) and as a Customer Service pro. I love to help people; I like to take a situation that “can’t be done”- and make it happen.

Hobbies include: I love camping, fishing and hiking. I can out-troll almost anybody (I mean this in a good, fishy way☺ ). I love to grill…I don’t cook, but I like to watch my husband cook for me, our three kids, and my new, adorable grandbaby!

Favorite music genre: Country and R&B, for sure. I would probably give line-dancing a shot, if my husband didn’t tell me I dance ‘like Elaine on Seinfeld”! I did mention he does the cooking, right?

Funny work story: I’m currently working on convincing the other MediaRight girls that we have ghosts in the building. WhOOOoooOOO

Favorite quote: “Winners are not people who never fail, but people who never quit!”